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CYTC 2021 – financing my next holidays?

    Are you crazy?

    Yes, I do think so. However, I am not exactly a society drop-out, living under a bridge because I can’t reintegrate.

    Since 2015 I built up some experience in serious long-distance hiking. I have done a shake-down hike on the PCT in 2018 (1800 miles) and I further worked on my abilities to hike in harsh conditions on the Shvil Israel in 2019. Besides eating miles in Switzerland, France and Germany.

    Thats why I don’t think I am just 100 % naive. I somehow know whats expecting me.

    9 months or more of holidays sounds chill, I want this too, where can I sign-up?

    Walking 12 hours per day nearly every day is not what most humans imagine as their dream holidays. Sleeping in the dirt or even on snow can be fun as long as you have a comfy bed at home, most humans do this for ten days or so and are happy to return home afterwards.

    The trails will be my home, hiking will be my job. It is not the most luxurious form of existence I can think of either.

    Due to the nature of this undertaking there will be not much time to chill somewhere, even if I cross spectacular landscapes.

    While on holidays you may eat more or less healthy, I need to eat nearly everything I can find and transport in my pack.

    I will also be dirty most of the time.

    Another rich white man, born into privileges, I assume he had to sell his second Porsche to finance it.

    Not exactly. It is true that I sold my road bike long before even hiking on the PCT but I never had even a drivers license.

    Besides this, yes, my place of birth equals a big win in the lottery. I have a Swiss citizenship since the day I was born. No need to even use white-privilege here, Swiss privilege is way better.

    People risk their lives to make it to Europe. Our own border isn’t even fenced off. There is a sea between poorer countries and our neighbors. Those who survive the mediterran sea, make it to Italy or Greece. Thanks to the Schengen system, once registered in Italy, you will not be able to to even ask for asylum in Switzerland.

    Sometimes we grant asylum to a few hundred, for humanitarian reasons. During the cold war, we welcomed doctors and scientists from Hungary and Czechoslovakia, but this welcome culture is gone since 50 years or more.

    During my past live however, I worked thousands of hours, mostly as a volunteer to advance disarmament, peace and sustainability, domestically and abroad. Together with others, who are much brighter than I, we helped our little country to save 10 billions or more.

    Maybe I feel kind of entitled?

    So you are just hiking down the bank-account of your parents?

    I don’t think my parents are giving me something. They are more likely to want some expenses back they lend me on my last trip 🙂