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True to the Thru

    Years ago there was a controversy on social media: A well known thru-hiker (and as it turned out, a mysogynist who even treated his own partner poorly) started a flame war by accusing somebody else of not being true to the thru. According to his assessments the other individual skipped too much of a trail, using fire-closures as a welcome excuse to drive dozens of miles in a car instead of hiking.

    It is simply impossible to hike everything. Authorities close section of the trail to allow reconstruction of it, for example after wildland fires, rock slides and so on. Like in your town or your city, the entire road network may not be always accessible.

    I plan to list every trail closure I may encounter on my CYTC in 2022 here on this website. I already know that in the area of the Dixie fire, the PCT may be closed again for restoration work in spring.

    I hope that even if entire California gets closed because of fire danger, I will find some trail I can hike during such times and I am prepared to spend long hours or entire days in buses or trains.

    After hiking for weeks in bad air in 2018 I decided to buy a serious respirator for 2022. The 3M HF 800 offers next to no resistance when breathing in. Unfortunately so far I could not find out for how long the filters will work but they are replaceable. This mask is not suitable against Covid as your exhale is not filtered at all.

    Unfortunately there is still no suitable respiratory protection for wildland firefighters. Besides questionable low payment, they inhale a lot of smoke the entire season. For us hikers this is simply a comfort issue as we have the possibility to fly home as we wish, it would just cut our time on trail short. For the brave firefighters quitting would mean that they have no more income.