PCT 2018

INT : Jerusalem to Arad & thoughts

From Jerusalem I went to Arad. In total I walked more than 600 km (370 miles) through Israel but I didn’t venture into the Negev Desert. There you could walk additional 500 km.  Unfortunately I didn’t like it.  Don’t get me wrong: Everybody was extremely nice to me, regardless of their situation. Whether they were orthodox Jews, Palestinians, Druze or Bedouins. Sadly, back in Switzerland, somebody who lives in Israel,… Read More »INT : Jerusalem to Arad & thoughts

INT: Kibbutz Dan to Jerusalem

This trail is hard. Really hard. If you don’t get roasted by the sun or run out of water, there are enough memorials along the way, who will made you really depressed. Go to a bus station, an intersection, gas station, whatever, and ladies and gentlemen in green remind you all the time, that you didn’t choose the most peaceful land to hike in – you will find even empty… Read More »INT: Kibbutz Dan to Jerusalem

What about tents?

Now that we have found a pack, suitable for thousands of miles, we may need a tent. Or a tarp. Or a bivi-bag. During my first trip on the PCT I tested a summer bivi bag in combination with a tarp. Unfortunately, it was already August. I got rid of my summer bivi fast, once we had left Washington. I know now more REI’s than I would like to. REI… Read More »What about tents?

What about packs?

Before you set out to REI or pay hundreds of dollars in the internet just for the promise that somebody somewhere may eventually stitch together a geeked out pack for you and for you only (one off), you should think about what do you want to do out there. Can you run a marathon distance several times in a week? How much time do you have to hike? How old… Read More »What about packs?