PCT 2018

What about packs?

Before you set out to REI or pay hundreds of dollars in the internet just for the promise that somebody somewhere may eventually stitch together a geeked out pack for… Read More »What about packs?

PCT 2018: Day 4

29 July 2018 I sleep horrible. I am not 100 % used to sleep in the outdoors, there is a stream near by that makes noice and potentially aggressive deer… Read More »PCT 2018: Day 4

PCT 2018: Day 3

28 July 2018 The trail is breathtakingly beautiful. There are long stretches in the open and I get concerned about the heat. Of course there is a waterless stretch, longer… Read More »PCT 2018: Day 3

PCT 2018: Day 2

27 July 2018

I wake up at 8 o’clock, nothing touched my food. I used the odor proof bags, at this early stage of my hike they are still in good shape.

I just had them on the ground some feet away from my Enlightened Equipment summer bivi. It was cold. The temperatures never went down to under 30, that would be the temperature rating for my Enlightened Equipment quilt. I doubt that they went under 65 F. I blame my poor eating practice yesterday for feeling cold during the night.

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PCT 2018: Day 1

26 July 2018

After a night in the attic of this strange hiker hut, I quickly take out my food of the fridge and walk half a mile to the access road to Harts Pass. There is no hitch, never, nothing.

As the guys predicted the night before there are campers coming down to buy grocery or refuel their cars but no one goes up again. Except a forest worker.

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Journey to the US

The decision came maybe too quick: I will attempt to walk on the PCT. Because it’s already July I will have to start at the Canadian border. Last minute gear updates made it in time to my address in Zurich. I get a permission from the department of homeland security to be in the US.

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The road to the PCT 2: Training

Yes, I am somehow thin and yes, I have done a marathon before and yes, I can walk 80 miles in one day over brutal concrete roads. This came not as a gift from somewhere, nor do I think that somebody giftet my body the ability to do this. It did not come overnight, rather it was a process of over two years by now.Read More »The road to the PCT 2: Training

The road to the PCT 1: Gear

As the PCT looms on the horizon, I complete my gear for this little tiny stroll. Don’t get me wrong: I kind of know what I am doing. Thanks to social media, I enjoyed more than 400 gear list videos on YT. By now I know a lot about long distance hiking gear. Read More »The road to the PCT 1: Gear