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No blogging directly from the trail. Posts may be several months behind.


Jura Crest Trail 8: Le Pont – Nyon

I took the Sunday off. I just can’t get enough sleep when wandering around for two days in a row as I have a special job at the moment. Plus, Sunday is
By : operator | Jun 14, 2018

Alpine Passes Trail 1: Ilanz – Greina

I wake up again at 4.30 on the comfy sleeping sofa at my sister’s house. Quickly I range everything, and I leave the house. My sister asked me, if I have a
By : operator | Jun 8, 2018

Trans Swiss Trail 11: Faido – Aquarossa

The emancipation from stupid trail planning. An extreme internet research which lasted maybe ten minutes told me the following: Yes, the Strada Alta in the Leventina is a popular hiking trail for
By : operator | Jun 6, 2018

Trans Swiss Trail 10: Wassen – Faido

I did not sleep well. The bed was way too soft. For thirty bucks you can’t complain however. I shared the dormitory with somebody else. He didn’t say one word. I get
By : operator | May 31, 2018

Trans Swiss Trail 9: Beckenried – Wassen

The weather cooperates with my hiking plans, so I get on trail where I ended up last week. Beckenried is one of the nicer towns but there are some showy villas on
By : operator | May 29, 2018

Trans Swiss Trail 8: Sörenberg – Beckenried

I leave my cozy room before 6 in the morning. There is a lot to do before I can head out. Prepare new drink mixes, organize food and my pack, check out
By : operator | May 26, 2018

Trans Swiss Trail 7: Langnau – Sörenberg

The day starts not very good: I made it fine to the first train to Bern, but the train makes it not even 100 m out of the station. Technical problems. I
By : operator | May 24, 2018


This is a new edition on my now two-year-old first take regarding shoes. First of all, you don’t need even shoes. There are many who hike and run in sandals. Years ago,
By : operator | Apr 28, 2018
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