The road to the PCT 2: Training

Yes, I am somehow thin and yes, I have done a marathon before and yes, I can walk 80 miles in one day over brutal concrete roads. This came not as a gift from somewhere, nor do I think that somebody giftet my body the ability to do this. It did not come overnight, rather it was a process of over two years by now.Read More »The road to the PCT 2: Training

The road to the PCT 1: Gear

As the PCT looms on the horizon, I complete my gear for this little tiny stroll. Don’t get me wrong: I kind of know what I am doing. Thanks to social media, I enjoyed more than 400 gear list videos on YT. By now I know a lot about long distance hiking gear. Read More »The road to the PCT 1: Gear

Trans Swiss Trail 11: Faido – Aquarossa

The emancipation from stupid trail planning. An extreme internet research which lasted maybe ten minutes told me the following: Yes, the Strada Alta in the Leventina is a popular hiking trail for people who don’t like hiking that much that they consider going more than five miles per day and no, it doesn’t get much better on the last part of the Leventina.Read More »Trans Swiss Trail 11: Faido – Aquarossa


This is a new edition on my now two-year-old first take regarding shoes. First of all, you don’t need even shoes. There are many who hike and run in sandals.… Read More »Shoes

My longest hike

Zurich – Basel

Spring is in the air: The plants have grown their leaves again. They are not fully out yet, you can still see through the forests. I feel a little bit bored. So, two days ago I embarked on a test hike to Basel. I did not make it in the first attempt, but in the second.

Read More »Zurich – Basel


German only! – 11. März 2018

Nach wie vor sind all jene Trails, die ich derzeit zu durchwandern versuche, unter einer dicken Schneeschicht vergraben. Letzte Woche habe ich immer wieder die Webcams kontrolliert und die Schneeberichte verfolgt. Noch immer sind Skis das Mittel der Wahl, um rasch auf diesen Trails vorwärtszukommen. Es fehlt mir auf dem Jura-Höhenweg ein kurzes Stück von Le Pont über den Mont Tendre nach Nyon (63 km), auf dem Trans Swiss Trail muss ich noch über die Alpen. Der Jura-Höhenweg ist noch ein Wochenende lang, aber die Alpen sind frühestens Anfang Mai wieder ein Thema.Read More »Thunersee

Lake Geneva

While the temperatures in Zurich have moved upwards, all my trails are still buried under snow. The Jura Crest Trail would hit Mont Tendre and it would be 1670 m. At least 1 m of snow. Nothing I could do. The Trans Swiss Trail, I also walked where ever possible, next would be Sörenberg, a winter resort, at least 2 m of snow. After an extensive search I decided to takle lake Geneva.Read More »Lake Geneva