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Environmental protection

As I hike a lot I have a lot of time to think about the environment. Most effective to protect the environment would be to change and to question your personal behavior
By : operator | Apr 26, 2018

JCT 7: Le Pont – St-Cerque

After my return from my sisters place high up in the alps I was kind of sick for an entire week. During the last years, sickness started always in my throat –
By : operator | Apr 23, 2018

Zurich – Basel

Spring is in the air: The plants have grown their leaves again. They are not fully out yet, you can still see through the forests. I feel a little bit bored. So,
By : operator | Apr 13, 2018

Ticino again

The weather forecast looks amazing. New shoes are in the mail. My bank account allows it. Why stay at home?
By : operator | Mar 23, 2018


German only! – 11. März 2018 Nach wie vor sind all jene Trails, die ich derzeit zu durchwandern versuche, unter einer dicken Schneeschicht vergraben. Letzte Woche habe ich immer wieder die Webcams
By : operator | Mar 13, 2018

Lake Geneva

While the temperatures in Zurich have moved upwards, all my trails are still buried under snow. The Jura Crest Trail would hit Mont Tendre and it would be 1670 m. At least
By : operator | Mar 7, 2018

TST 5: Biasca – Lugano

Switzerland is not a poor country. That’s why we have built a new tunnel through the alps for 6.4 billion. That’s only a fraction of the entire project costs of nearly 18
By : operator | Feb 22, 2018

TST 4: Bern – Langnau

The weather forecast was horrible. Snowfall, no sun, minus 3 degrees Celsius. Had a look at the profile of the hike: It will go up to 1000 m. There will be snow
By : operator | Feb 11, 2018
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