TST 5: Biasca – Lugano

Switzerland is not a poor country. That’s why we have built a new tunnel through the alps for 6.4 billion. That’s only a fraction of the entire project costs of nearly 18 billion and we have decided since to build an additional road tunnel as well.

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TST 4: Bern – Langnau

The weather forecast was horrible. Snowfall, no sun, minus 3 degrees Celsius. Had a look at the profile of the hike: It will go up to 1000 m. There will be snow up there. Got new shoes on Friday, it is funny, nobody in the city of Zurich has Hokas. By now I know what to expect from them as this is my third pair already. I seriously run the other two pairs down in no time.Read More »TST 4: Bern – Langnau

TST 3: Cudrefin – Bern

Panic stroked me. The meteorologist on TV explained how to create an ice-lantern and they were warning from incoming much colder weather. I usually wore my warmer gloves on the way to work but they don’t warm my hands enough. I felt the necessity to get warmer gloves.Read More »TST 3: Cudrefin – Bern

A little stroll

It is no longer cool to indicate your mileage. Since somebody ruined the expression you don’t even claim to be a thru-hiker anymore. Even if you are. Instead you claim to be a long-distance hiker. However, I still try to figure out how many miles I would need to do on any given trail to end it within a certain timeframe.

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About fair trade

In the year 1973, a woman saw a movie. Her name was Ursula Brunner and she got really upset about the things depicted in this movie. Bananera-Libertat was a film by the Swiss filmmaker Peter von Gunten.Read More »About fair trade

Construction site

Unfortunately, my financial assets sometimes do need replenishment. As it is difficult for me to find a job, I accepted the offer of my brother in law, to work on a construction site in the Swiss alps. I do recommend this experience to everybody.Read More »Construction site