I hike where and when ever I can

I hike where and when ever I can

I hike where and when ever possible

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This is a new edition on my now two-year-old first take regarding shoes. First of all, you don’t need even shoes. There are many who hike and run in sandals.…

Environmental protection

As I hike a lot I have a lot of time to think about the environment. Most effective to protect the environment would be to change and to question your…

JCT 7: Le Pont – St-Cerque

After my return from my sisters place high up in the alps I was kind of sick for an entire week. During the last years, sickness started always in my…

Zurich – Basel

Spring is in the air: The plants have grown their leaves again. They are not fully out yet, you can still see through the forests. I feel a little bit…

Ticino again

The weather forecast looks amazing. New shoes are in the mail. My bank account allows it. Why stay at home?


German only! – 11. März 2018 Nach wie vor sind all jene Trails, die ich derzeit zu durchwandern versuche, unter einer dicken Schneeschicht vergraben. Letzte Woche habe ich immer wieder…