I hike where and when ever I can

I hike where and when ever I can

I hike where and when ever possible

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Blog & updates from the wild

INT : Jerusalem to Arad & thoughts

From Jerusalem I went to Arad. In total I walked more than 600 km (370 miles) through Israel but I didn’t venture into the Negev Desert. There you could walk additional 500 km.  Unfortunately I d…

INT: Kibbutz Dan to Jerusalem

This trail is hard. Really hard. If you don’t get roasted by the sun or run out of water, there are enough memorials along the way, who will made you really depressed. Go to a bus station, an in…

What about packs?

Before you set out to REI or pay hundreds of dollars in the internet just for the promise that somebody somewhere may eventually stitch together a geeked out pack for you and for you only (one off), y…

About water filtration in 2019

As I have travelled more than 1700 miles on the PCT in the summer of 2018, I am able to give some first-hand experience in terms of water purification on the PCT. I wasn’t in the dessert down south bu…

PCT 2018: Day 4

29 July 2018 I sleep horrible. I am not 100 % used to sleep in the outdoors, there is a stream near by that makes noice and potentially aggressive deer can be spotted, they circle around my camp. The …

PCT 2018: Day 3

28 July 2018 The trail is breathtakingly beautiful. There are long stretches in the open and I get concerned about the heat. Of course there is a waterless stretch, longer than I would like it to be. …

PCT 2018: Day 2

27 July 2018 I wake up at 8 o’clock, nothing touched my food. I used the odor proof bags, at this early stage of my hike they are still in good shape. I just had them on the ground some feet awa…

PCT 2018: Day 1

26 July 2018 After a night in the attic of this strange hiker hut, I quickly take out my food of the fridge and walk half a mile to the access road to Harts Pass. There is no hitch, never, nothing. As…