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German only! – 11. März 2018

Nach wie vor sind all jene Trails, die ich derzeit zu durchwandern versuche, unter einer dicken Schneeschicht vergraben. Letzte Woche habe ich immer wieder die Webcams kontrolliert und die Schneeberichte verfolgt. Noch immer sind Skis das Mittel der Wahl, um rasch auf diesen Trails vorwärtszukommen. Es fehlt mir auf dem Jura-Höhenweg ein kurzes Stück von Le Pont über den Mont Tendre nach Nyon (63 km), auf dem Trans Swiss Trail muss ich noch über die Alpen. Der Jura-Höhenweg ist noch ein Wochenende lang, aber die Alpen sind frühestens Anfang Mai wieder ein Thema.

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Lake Geneva

While the temperatures in Zurich have moved upwards, all my trails are still buried under snow. The Jura Crest Trail would hit Mont Tendre and it would be 1670 m. At least 1 m of snow. Nothing I could do. The Trans Swiss Trail, I also walked where ever possible, next would be Sörenberg, a winter resort, at least 2 m of snow. After an extensive search I decided to takle lake Geneva.

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Trans Swiss Trail 5: Biasca – Lugano

Switzerland is not a poor country. That’s why we have built a new tunnel through the alps for 6.4 billion. That’s only a fraction of the entire project costs of nearly 18 billion and we have decided since to build an additional road tunnel as well.

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Trans Swiss trail 4: Bern – Langnau i. E.

The weather forecast was horrible. Snowfall, no sun, minus 3 degrees Celsius. Had a look at the profile of the hike: It will go up to 1000 m. There will be snow up there. Got new shoes on Friday, it is funny, nobody in the city of Zurich has Hokas. By now I know what to expect from them as this is my third pair already. I seriously run the other two pairs down in no time.

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Trans Swiss trail 3: Cudrefin – Bern

Panic stroked me. The meteorologist on TV explained how to create an ice-lantern and they were warning from incoming much colder weather. I usually wore my warmer gloves on the way to work but they don’t warm my hands enough. I felt the necessity to get warmer gloves.

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