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About water filtration in 2019

As I have travelled more than 1700 miles on the PCT in the summer of 2018, I am able to give some first-hand experience in terms of water purification on the PCT.
By : operator | Feb 17, 2019

PCT 2018: Day 4

29 July 2018 I sleep horrible. I am not 100 % used to sleep in the outdoors, there is a stream near by that makes noice and potentially aggressive deer can be
By : operator | Oct 10, 2018

PCT 2018: Day 3

28 July 2018 The trail is breathtakingly beautiful. There are long stretches in the open and I get concerned about the heat. Of course there is a waterless stretch, longer than I
By : operator | Jul 28, 2018

PCT 2018: Day 2

27 July 2018 I wake up at 8 o’clock, nothing touched my food. I used the odor proof bags, at this early stage of my hike they are still in good shape.
By : operator | Jul 27, 2018

PCT 2018: Day 1

26 July 2018 After a night in the attic of this strange hiker hut, I quickly take out my food of the fridge and walk half a mile to the access road
By : operator | Jul 26, 2018

Journey to the US

The decision came maybe too quick: I will attempt to walk on the PCT. Because it’s already July I will have to start at the Canadian border. Last minute gear updates made
By : operator | Jul 25, 2018

The road to the PCT 2: Training

Yes, I am somehow thin and yes, I have done a marathon before and yes, I can walk 80 miles in one day over brutal concrete roads. This came not as a gift
By : operator | Jul 15, 2018

The road to the PCT 1: Gear

As the PCT looms on the horizon, I complete my gear for this little tiny stroll. Don’t get me wrong: I kind of know what I am doing. Thanks to social media,
By : operator | Jul 8, 2018
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