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Montreux by night

Via Alpina 7: Gstaad – Montreux

How I missed the train again. And how we do surfing on a budget in Switzerland. The most expensive two days in my life so far.

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Via Alpina 6: Kandersteg – Gstaad (into the snow)

As the train rides take longer, they get more expensive. Kandersteg is still reasonable to reach from Zurich. There is an international scouts center in Kandersteg and they are all up in the morning at 7:30.

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Via Alpina 5: Mürren – Kandersteg

Slept well in a hotel room in Mürren. Unfortunately, there are clouds, fog and rain today. The lady from the hotel does not know if it snowed down over night to the altitude where I need to go.

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Via Alpina 4: Meiringen – Mürren (still some height)

I get into a little stress in the morning. Have to catch the 6:04 train, otherwise I have to wait an hour on the train station. Everything works out fine, although I do overtake some joggers while walking, this could be seen as arrogant.

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a little stroll

The weather forecast was bad. So, I decided to get up at 3 am and try to do something before the bad weather moved in latter in the day.

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