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PCT shake-down 2018

After nearly two years of preparation I attempted a long-distance hike on the Pacific Crest Trail.

From the 27 of July till the 26 of September 2018 I was able to cover more than 1800 miles or more than 2500 km.

I enjoyed it but despite all my preparations, my gear wasn’t 100 % the right choice.

Soon I realized, that with my style of problem solving, I will not make it far enough, since I lost too much time getting food, gear and hitching around fire closures. I used too much money and the way I was organized wasn’t efficient enough.

Therefore going SOBO, I stopped in Mammoth Lakes and returned to Switzerland to reorganize.

However, I am more than happy to report that my body is able to cruise at 30 miles or more per day without nearing its limits. I learned a lot and will be back in the US ASAP for a bigger adventure.

And I am confident to do so much more next time.

Special thanks to Thang!, for her world class pacing services.