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CYTC 2022

I am trying to organize an attempt to the CYTC in the US in 2021 2022.

At the moment (June 2020) I work within the civil administration in the city of Zürich, Switzerland (and that is also what I did in 2021 except in an another city but still in the Canton of Zurich).

However, I will try to make it to Springer, early in the year 2021 2022 to do the AT. From Mount Katahdin up in Maine, I will travel to the Mexican Border, near Campo and walk to the Canadian border on the PCT. From there I will return to the Mexican border but this time using the mighty CDT.

Sounds ambitious? Well maybe it is.

Wish me luck anyways.

Want to know how a CYTC can look like from day to day? Read Legends blog (in the meantime has written a book, order it via his page). He did it successfully in 2016.

Did you read his entire blog already? What about Swami?

As first woman ever, Anish completed the CYTC in 2018. While she did not publish a lot about her hike so far, she has written a book about the PCT.