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Who is Mars?

I am from central Europe and was born in the 1970ies.

I started serious hiking in 2016 after abandoning my office-life in Swiss politics. At the moment I focus on long distance hiking and long distance running – besides my 100 % job in public administration.

In 2018 I did 1800 miles within 3 months on the Pacific Crest Trail.

In 2019 I hiked everything on the Israeli National Trail except the desert.

In 2022 I hiked the PCT, some 1000 miles on the CDT and some 2000 miles on the AT or more or less 5500 miles in the US.

Besides I did a number of “long-distance” trails in Switzerland and Germany, thru-hiker style.

I consider myself to be somehow sporty and I am able to walk more than 70 miles or 100 km in under 24 hours in all conditions except extreme snow heights.

You can follow me on Instagram.

This page is mainly done for myself: I want to be able to know what I did and when. Because of my hiking style there is no blogging or vlogging directly from trails, as a post here takes more time than the actual hiking…

My trailname Mars means multiple things.

First of all, I like Mars-bars as they are not what they seam. As they contain 70 % of sugar, they give you a food coma for more or less the time you need to eat one. Never should you eat a Mars bar if you do not hike for 10 hours or more.

Even if, it is basically an assault on your health.

Also, Mars is the name of the Roman god of war. Instead, I invested thousands of hours in promoting peace and non-violent methods in somehow general interacting, most of the time as an unpaid volunteer. Saving my country billions in the process.

Mars was also the name of a Swedish warship in the 15th century. It sank during the first battle it participated in. So the name reminds me to be humble.

Mars is also the name of a now extremely rare aircraft. Initially it was used as a military aircraft, two remaining airworthy examples were used as fire tankers in recent years – again a kind of development into the right direction.

All pictures on this page are my own, shoot with various iphones and rarely in 2022 with a Leica Camera.

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