What about packs?

Before you set out to REI or pay hundreds of dollars in the internet just for the promise that somebody somewhere may eventually stitch together a geeked out pack for… Read More »What about packs?

The road to the PCT 1: Gear

As the PCT looms on the horizon, I complete my gear for this little tiny stroll. Don’t get me wrong: I kind of know what I am doing. Thanks to social media, I enjoyed more than 400 gear list videos on YT. By now I know a lot about long distance hiking gear. Read More »The road to the PCT 1: Gear

Lake Geneva

While the temperatures in Zurich have moved upwards, all my trails are still buried under snow. The Jura Crest Trail would hit Mont Tendre and it would be 1670 m. At least 1 m of snow. Nothing I could do. The Trans Swiss Trail, I also walked where ever possible, next would be Sörenberg, a winter resort, at least 2 m of snow. After an extensive search I decided to takle lake Geneva.Read More »Lake Geneva

water treatment when hiking

Think about where you will be hiking. I did a lot of trips in urban areas. To find water was never a problem. For Europeans venturing into the US the taste of US tap water is a problem. Even when ordering a coke in a restaurant: You will taste the chlorine in the water.Read More »water treatment when hiking