True to the Thru

Years ago there was a controversy on social media: A well known thru-hiker (and as it turned out, a mysogynist who even treated his own partner poorly) started a flame… Read More »True to the Thru

To Gore Tex or Not

Gore Tex is a brand which belongs to the Gore company. It has been around for decades, the first Gore membrane was developed in the 1960s. Gore Tex today is… Read More »To Gore Tex or Not

Electronics for A CYTC

It is a monumental task. Choosing electronics for a CYTC has that many aspects, it would justify having a dedicated technician who would improve your gear every two weeks. Unfortunately… Read More »Electronics for A CYTC

Embracing COVID

While some of my friends experience critical income shortcomings, I can not complain at all. During the last half year I could improve my gear but of course long-distance hiking… Read More »Embracing COVID

What is a CYTC?

Calendar Year Triple Crown – 7800 miles or 12’000 km through the US in one year There are three long-distance hiking paths in the US: Appalachian Trail (AT), Pacific Crest… Read More »What is a CYTC?